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"If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough." Albert Einstein,

“Nature says, 'I'm the beginnings and the ends. And as for what is between that, you can think about it what you want.''' Zdeňka Tušková

"A cheerful person is the master of his soul." W. Shakespeare

"Anyone who takes life seriously can go with ease." Zdeňka Tušková

"Not just a great and positive idea is enough, but someone has to take care of it with love, now you are someone." Zdeňka Tušková

Individual consultation

The consultation takes place personally in Prague, Bratislava and Jičín, eventually on Skype.

It is necessary to prepare in advance the topic we will work with. Depending on how long the client wants to talk about, it is possible to experience the roles of those involved in the topic.

The consultation takes one hour maximum. Price of personal consultation is for 80,- eur, consultation on Skype is for 50,- CZK. The price is paid in advance to the bank account.

It is necessary to count with min. 14-day ordering time.


Constellations are both group and individual. If you don't want to join the group, we work individually and maybe via Skype. However, it is necessary to prepare mugs with a handle. You have an experience and it is not transmitted via Skype. If you do not trust it, then it is better to come in person, either for an individual session or to a group for a seminar.


Booking - Praha: info@equilibrium.cz

Booking - Jicin: laznehilarion@gmail.com

Booking - Bratislava: info@konstelacie.eu


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