About us

"If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough." Albert Einstein,

“Nature says, 'I'm the beginnings and the ends. And as for what is between that, you can think about it what you want.''' Zdeňka Tušková

"A cheerful person is the master of his soul." W. Shakespeare

Individual consultation

I do individual consultations very rarely due to time reasons. Consultations take place in Bratislava. 

It is necessary to prepare a topic which we will deal with in advance. It depends on how long a client will want to speak about it, eventually it is possible to experience roles of the concerned persons in a topic in a personal constellation.  

Payment for the first hour is credited to the bank account in advance, any additional payment for longer consultation time is paid on site.


Agentúra Áno s.r.o.
 Karpatské nám. 10
831 06 Bratislava, Slovakia


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